XINTOWN Activated Carbon Dust-proof Mouth Mask

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XINTOWN Activated Carbon Dust-proof Mouth Mask

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Activated Carbon Dust-proof Face Mask for your own activities.

Material : Nylon + Spandex

Applicable : Cycling /Running /Skiing /Training /Outdoor sports

Function: Dustproof /Windproof /Anti-Virus /Anti-Smog /Anti-PM2.5

Features: Breathable /Flexible /Comfortable /Adjustable nose clip /Adjustable neck velcro /Personality /Colorful




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NO.2 Nose clip PK

Left:Our nose clip made by aluminium,it could be adjusted to fit your face.

Right:Other store's normal nose clip is easy to be broken.


NO.3 Filters PK

Left:Our carbon fiber filter is thick,pure and clean.

Right:Other store's filter is thin,won't have a good effect on pollution.


Excellent Design


NO.1  Ventilation design : a number of small holes,excellent ventilation.

NO.2  Double valve design : removable cold flow exhalation valve,with one-way double valve function,effectively remove the humid air inside the mask,breathing more smoothly.

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  Replace the filter  

1 Press the inside valve,revolve the outside valve to remove it

2  Open the mask and take out inside valve

3  Change a new filter,then install the valve,finished


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Valve Filter Upgrade

Carbon filter is upgraded to silca gel filter,with the principle of industrial N95 mask, comply with international filtering standards.

proper way to wear

1. Put the mask on face and find a comfortable position between your nose and your chin.

2. Adjust the mask length,and attach the velcro.

3. Adjust the nose clip according to your nose contours.

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