Dog Pyjama & Bathrobe

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The essential bathrobe coat for your dog is here. 
This dog pyjama & bathrobe is durable, confortable and easy to wear.
Keep your pet comfortable and dry after the bath or simply use it for a warm sleep. It's also suitable for a casual use. 

Size Differences:

Size XS Chest: 26-28cm Body Length 18-20cm Reference Weight 1-2kg

Size  S Chest: 36-38cm Body Length 23-25cm Reference Weight 1.5-2.5kg

Size M Chest: 39-41cm Body Length 28-30cm Reference Weight 2.5-3.5kg

Size L Chest: 45-47cm Body Length 33-35cm Reference Weight 3.5-5.0kg

Size XL Chest: 52-54cm Body Length 38-40cm Reference Weight 5.0-7.5kg






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