Kid's GPS & Monitoring Watch

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Remote monitoring

Listen to your kid's surroundings. When the phone send listening instructions,watch acts nothing but call back automatically.


Voice micro chat

watch not only can call,also can voice micro chat, you can talk with your kid whenever and wherever.


Accurate location

we use base station,GPS and LBS double location for accurate positioning.


Health pedometer

recording kid"s activity every day to help kids grow up in a happy and heathy way.


SOS on button for help

children can long press the SOS key for help when they are in danger.


Electronic fence

Parents can customize security range,when the kid goes beyond the saftey zone.


Do not disturb mode

Parents can set the forbidden time according to class time when child is in class time, the watches are not available to ensure the normal order for school.


Refuse stanger call

Stranger can not call smart watch, only the saved phone number in the app. ( can save 15 numbers + 3 SOS numbers)


Groups of alarm clock reminder

It helps your children keep regular hours.


Making friends

After two watches open making friends function,it can add friends by touching lightly, watch can send voice to chat with others. 



1 Charger


1*Retailed Box


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Rest of the world: 5 -28 days (depending on the country)